The Beginner’s Guide to Putting on a Chastity Cage

How to Start Chastity Play for the First Time

Intrigued by the allure of submission and the delicious ache of denial? Then buckle up (or rather lock up) and get ready to explore the wonderful world of chastity cages. 

Whether you’re ready to give the key over to Mistress or you want to explore in secret, this blog will cover the practical details you need to know to get yourself in a cage. 

From tips on choosing your first cage to how to put one on, we’re here to make sure your journey into chastity is as comfortably uncomfortable as it should be.


Choosing Your First Cage: Silicone vs Acrylic 

Choosing the material is the first step to purchasing the best chastity cage for you, but without guidance, it can be hard to know where to begin. 

We collectively have decades of experience in chastity play, so we like to think we’re pretty close to experts – allow us to nudge you in the right direction.


Silicone cages are great for beginners looking to explore the thrill of confinement without the hassle. We love recommending silicone chastity cages to beginners because they’re a breeze to slip on and off, won’t break the bank, and you don’t have to fuss with measurements before buying.


  • No measurements needed before purchase
  • Soft, flexible and lightweight
  • More comfortable than rigid cages – could be considered a con depending on how uncomfortable you want to be in chastity
  • Easy to clean 
  • Quick and easy to put it on and take off (great for scenes that start with a cage on and end with it off!) 
  • Great for solo play
  • Less noticeable in public settings
  • Great for short-term wear


  • Not breathable
  • Must be removed to clean, often needs daily maintenance
  • Long-term wear requires cage replacement regularly
  • No lock and key

Silicone cages are an excellent choice for a first-time cage (and an impulse buy)! With fewer parts to assemble, getting the cage on is quick and easy which helps with first-time anxiety. 


All that being said, silicone cages are not everyone’s cup of tea. Another beginner-friendly option is acrylic chastity cages. Acrylic chastity cages give you the frustrating yet exciting experience that many chastity lovers crave. Any good submissive loves denial. And there’s nothing quite like handing the key to your cock over to someone you deeply trust.


  • Adjustable for custom fit
  • Rigid and confining 
  • Not easy to take off (for you brats out there!)
  • Lock and key
  • More breathable than silicone cages


Why do some prefer acrylic cages over silicone? While silicone cages are confining, they aren’t as rigid as acrylic and metal cages, so the confinement sensation is not as uncomfortable. And for many who love chastity cages, discomfort is a key part of the experience. 

Another essential aspect that draws many to chastity is the loss of control. Because silicone cages are so easy to put on and take off, it can be hard to truly feel that you’re not in control, even if you can’t get hard.

Acrylic cages solve these problems while remaining affordable and adjustable! If you're not sure how to measure yourself properly for a chastity cage, check out this ultimate guide on all things chastity cage measuring and materials.

Preparing to Put on a Cage

Let’s get to locking you up! Before you can put your cage on, here’s a few tips you can follow to avoid some unintended discomfort. These tips can be followed before putting on either an acrylic or silicone cage.


No surprise that you should do at least a little trimming before putting on a cage, especially rigid acrylic cages. 

How much you shave is up to you. Cages tend to catch on long hairs, so you can keep your shaving to a minimum by just trimming the hairs around the ring of the cage. However, hairs are still likely to catch as you move around. 

If you want to minimize your hair catching, we recommend a complete shave. 

For some, the act of being shaven bare is emasculating, which is an experience some crave with chastity play and can lead to a wonderful subspace. Of course, whether or not shaving is emasculating is entirely up to you.

Clean Your Cage

Before you put your dick in it, clean it! Cages can quickly get smelly if you don’t take care of them properly. You don’t know where your cage has been prior to purchasing it. Give it a good clean first!

Keep Lube/Lotion at the Ready 

Getting your cage on simply won’t happen without aid. We recommend using a water-based lube or a lotion to help you out. We personally like Fuckwater’s water-based lube because it is very slippery but it does soak into the skin so you won’t have a sticky residue to deal with once you’re locked in.

Stay Flaccid!

For many, this is the hardest (no pun intended) part! If this is your first-time putting on a chastity cage or you’re new to chastity in general, it can be hard to control your arousal. There are many ways to work with this. Some recommend jerking off right before, others recommend using cold water or ice, and a few suggest imagining something that turns you off. We thought this reddit thread had a few great suggestions if this is a struggle for you.

How to Put on a Silicone Chastity Cage 

As we mentioned earlier, silicone chastity cages are much easier to put on than acrylic cages, so the process is pretty simple.

Step 1) Lube up the cage

Lightly lube up the inside of the cage.

Step 2) Insert your balls one at a time

Insert them one ball at a time, whether the cage has an opening for the balls to hang freely or they’re enclosed.

Step 3) Tuck your shaft into the cage

Do not use silicone lube – silicone lubes don't work well with other silicone products! 

And that’s it! Like we said earlier, silicone cages are simple and easy.

How to Put on an Acrylic Chastity Cage

A few things to do before putting on your cage: file down sharp edges as needed, and if you have a cage that has multiple ring sizes, pick the right ring size first. It can be difficult to fit everything into a rigid ring, so follow the steps below to put your ring on. 

As you’re trying to find the right ring size, note that a ring that fits correctly sits flush against the body. It should sit firmly but comfortably. If you’re not sure if a ring fits, wear it for about 5 minutes or so to see if you’re noticing changes in the color of your skin or if it’s hanging too loose. Be sure to walk and move around in it to test a full range of motion.

Step 1) Lube up

Before you put anything on during this process, lightly lube up the inside of the ring and the cage.

Step 2) Put your testicles through the ring, one ball at a time

Unless your ring comes apart or unhinges. In that case, close the ring behind the balls and shaft together.

This is a tricky step for many! Some ballsacks sit up high and tight while others hang really low. Those who have the former typically have more difficulty putting their balls through the ring.

Sometimes taking a hot shower can help loosen tight sacks up and make it easier to get them through. You could also try wearing a thicker cock ring for a bit (at least 10 minutes) to push the balls down and then immediately putting them through the cock cage ring.  

If you can’t seem to finagle them in there after trying out those tips, your ring might not fit and you should try a size up. 

Step 3) Tuck your shaft through the ring

It's essential that you stay flaccid or this step is gonna be hard (these puns are too easy).

Step 4) Add spacers to your ring (optional)

Not to keep talking about your balls, but we do need to address them one more time. If they sit up high and tight, you’ll need more space in between the ring and the cage. Add at least one spacer onto your ring before putting on the cage. If you’re putting on the cage yourself, it will be hard to add more spacers onto the ring once you start putting on the cage. 

Step 5) Attach the cage to the ring

Don’t forget to line up the pinholes with the pins before sliding it on! As you connect them together, be careful not to pinch your skin. 

Step 6) Lock ‘em up!

The last step is also the favorite of most. Locking it up! Be sure your key is safe, whether that’s in a safe place in your bedroom or in the hands of another.

How it Should Feel 

Wearing a cage is a unique blend of discomfort, frustration, and pleasure. While you might feel physically uncomfortable, the headspace you’re in is filled with exciting pleasure. By removing your physical ability to feel pleasure traditionally, you access the secret pleasures of denial. To give up control is to free yourself, especially when in the hands of another. 

Your ring should sit flush against your body. If you want a snugger fit, chastity belt helpers were designed to help. There shouldn’t be much space in between your shaft and the cage. The cage should feel like there’s a hand that’s holding it constantly. If you feel aroused while caged, you will feel uncomfortable (and that’s the point)! You may feel more sensitive than usual initially. This is very normal – it takes time to get used to the sensation of wearing a cage. 

If you notice that your skin is changing color, you’re experiencing numbness or tingling, or that the cage is hanging far from your body, your cage is not the right size.

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