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Latex fashion is a sensual indulgence combining the skin-tight feel of latex with its shiny, slick look. You'll look and feel wonderful when you indulge in this clothing made from natural rubber. Many people wear it for fashion, and many fetishize the material itself, enjoying the scent and "second skin" feel of wearing latex. 

Min: $0 Max: $500

Atlas Suit

Latex textured catsuit


Military Catsuit

Man in uniform


Helix Suit

Helix catsuit is a full body catsuit with a diagonal stripe wrapping around the front in a contrasting color.


Red Marbled sleeveless hoody

Made from our original, hand made marbled latex, every hoody is unique!


Marbled zip top

A sleek and sleeveless look.


Ultimate shorts

let's get slippery...


Cycle shorts

These cycle shorts are based on the Ultimate Shorts, so they are cut for supreme comfort but have a longer leg for more coverage.


Rubber Apron with Cockhole and Pocket

Serving up or dishing out one hot meal.


Modern Stockings

Classic latex thigh high stockings. Made with .25mm latex from England. Handmade by Vex Clothing. Ready to ship.

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