Latex Wear and Care

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5 Steps to Washing & Polishing Latex Clothing

Pro tip: Sweat can discolor latex, so don’t leave your clothing discarded over a chair for a few days following wear. Get into the habit of washing after wear, and your items will stand the test of time.

Step 1) Clean your tub/basin of choice — you will be hand-washing!

Use a bathtub, a deep sink, or a large bucket. Be sure your washing container of choice is clean of debris and chemicals. 

If you use your bathtub for washing and polishing, be sure to thoroughly clean your tub afterwards as it will be quite slippery.

Step 2) Dissolve latex wash in lukewarm water

Fill your container with lukewarm water.

If the water is too hot it might melt your garment, and if it’s too cold you won’t be able to wash the item properly.

You can use dish soap to clean latex clothing, but for better results, use a specially formulated latex wash.

Swish and dunk your latex garment in the water. Be sure you gently swirl and flip the latex inside and out to give it a thorough clean.

Soak the item for 3 to 10 minutes before removing it for rinsing.

Latex Wash Products
Can I wash more than one garment in the same tub?

Yes, but it is dependent on the pieces you are cleaning. As a general rule of thumb, do not wash dark pieces with light-colored pieces. Dark pieces can be washed together and light pieces can be washed together. 

If you have a piece that has metal, use caution. Pieces with spikes should not be washed with any other garments. Do not wash light-colored pieces with pieces that have metal.  

Step 3) Rinse latex in lukewarm water

Thoroughly rinse your latex item in clean, lukewarm water. Be sure you flip it inside and out while rinsing.

Step 4) Polish your garment (optional)

There are 2 ways to polish latex clothing: water-soluble polish and spray-on polish.

Water-Soluble Polish

Prepare a tub of lukewarm water and add your polish. As a general rule of thumb, you should use a teaspoon of latex polish per item of clothing.

Work the polish onto the latex by swishing & dunking the garment as well as rubbing the surface together.

Flip the piece inside out and repeat the process.

If you do use the bathtub, don’t forget the polish will make it slippery afterward.

Once you’re done polishing and the garment has dried, you can add extra shine by using silicone lube or additional polish to your garment. If you want to go the extra mile, use the beGLOSS WIPE cloth for a streakless shine.

Water-Soluble Latex Polish
Spray-On Polish

Once you have thoroughly rinsed your piece, hang to dry for at least 24 hours. Be sure to flip the piece inside out halfway through drying to ensure the piece is fully dry. 

Spray your polish directly onto the piece. Use your hands or a soft cloth to spread the polish evenly.

Spray-on Polish Products

Step 5) Hang to dry

When it comes to latex it’s drip dry all the way!

Never use a hair dryer, or hand your garment over a radiator as this will melt your latex. 

Hang all apparel on a plastic hanger (non-metallic) and leave to dry for a minimum of 24 hours.

Flip the item halfway through drying to fully dry the piece.

Watch out for these latex no-no’s!

A few things to refrain from:

  • Store latex away from metals such as gold, brass, nickel, and copper alloys. All are potentially harmful as they stain latex.
  • Keep your latex away from sharp objects such as spikes and body piercings. Watch out for acrylic and long nails too as they are sharper than you realize and can easily tear the delicate material
  • Oils, petroleum-based lubes such as vaseline, lotions, creams, deodorant, and tanning lotions damage latex. It’s a good idea to shower and remove any potentially harmful lotions etc. before slipping into your garment.
  • Latex doesn’t appreciate bright sunlight — this doesn’t mean you can only wear latex clothing at night, but over-exposure to sunlight could damage your garment. When you store your item it’s best to keep it somewhere dark.
  • Avoid heat – latex can melt! Store latex in cool places. Be sure your latex is not near heaters and direct sunlight.

How to Put on Latex Clothing

Latex clothing can take a little getting used to, especially if you’ve never worn it before. Take your time as you put it on — rushing is never a good idea. 

Use a dressing aid such as silicone lube and talcum powder to help. 

For those who like the feeling of a latex piece slipping up their slick bodies, silicone dressing aids are the best solution. 

Some don't like the slippery, slick feeling of silicone and opt for talcum powder. 

Using Talcum Powder

The best way to prepare a latex piece with talcum powder is to flip the piece inside out and sprinkle talcum powder on the inside of the piece. Rub the talcum powder in evenly on all inside surfaces.

Using Silicone Lubes or Dressing Sprays

Flip your piece inside out and apply dressing aid evenly. 

For added measure, you can also apply the lube/spray to your body.

We highly recommend applying the aid to your body for long-sleeved pieces, leggings, and catsuits. 

Disclaimer: Silicone lubes and sprays make surfaces very slippery. Place a towel beneath you as you apply the dressing aid, and be sure to clean the floor with soap and water to prevent any dangerous situations! 

Dressing Aids & Lubes

Getting into your latex

Never tug on your latex. Gently slide your garment on by slipping your arms/hands between your body and the latex garment.

You can grab large surface areas and gently pull. Be sure the latex is sliding up your body when you do this. If there is resistance, apply more dressing aid.

After slipping it on, slide your hands gently on the outside (and inside if needed) to get rid of visible creases and bunching.

Storing Latex

  • Make sure your item is clean before storing
  • Always store items in a cool place and away from sunlight
  • Never store dark-colored latex next to light-colored latex. Do not let dark and light latex touch.
  • If storing for a short time, storing your item polished and on a plastic hanger is okay
  • If storing for a longer period, add talcum powder before packing away 
    • Evenly apply talc to the inside and outside before folding
    • If folding, wrap tissue paper around each fold to keep the item from sticking to itself
    • If hanging, store it in a garment bag on a plastic hanger