Lovense Calor | Wireless Vibrating and Heating Masturbator

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  • Featuring vibration, wireless control, and heating, the Calor is not your average masturbator! Use the app to unlock tons of unique features, including syncing up with other toys for long distance sex and controlling the toy from anywhere in the world!
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5 stars based on 2 reviews

12 Oct 2023
Amazing product and highly recommend it. Very nice for something to use while relaxing and definitely helps with stress and no regular outlet. I feel like the sound isn’t too loud as I can barely hear it. If you want to feel a bit more secure I recommend turning on a fan/heater or TV to flush out the sound so you can feel a bit more peace of mind that it won’t bother your room mates or guest. But if you’re alone go full blast and enjoy the stress reliever!
18 May 2023
Jake K.
This stroker is amazing! Me & my boyfriend just got one each, we played around with the sync mode so that we could stimulate each others toys from the motions of our toys.. what a blast!
I also have to say the that the depth control mode is fun especially with the fact that different depths have alternative vibration tempos, you can switch up your sensations with ease with this toy!