Lovense Max 2 | App-Controlled Vibrating and Suction Masturbator

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  • Lovense Max is one of the first high tech male masturbators. The air pumps mimic contractions and the vibrator sends subtle vibrations throughout the toy.
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5 stars based on 3 reviews

06 Oct 2023
So easy to clean and to use! The sleeve’s softness is so caressing around the member. The Bluetooth feature to control it along with able to link your Spotify to make it move is fantastic! I just need my man to get one so I can feel his trusting when I’m away on business.
06 Oct 2023
The connectivity to the phone is super easy and super easy for long distance play! It feels amazing and battery is great on Max 2. Overall a fantastic product that leaves you so very satisfied!
06 Oct 2023
The contractions are so amazing! You need to sync with your gf’s Nora toy so you can feel the contractions as she puts it deeper in her and can feel that tightness of her vagina!