Oxballs Donkey

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  • DONKEY is a pure silicone penetrator with some serious length. It's made from high quality Pure Platinum Silicone so it's thick and firm but still soft enough to feel like a natural fleshy extension on your junk. The built-in cockring and concave indent on the underside of DONKEY keeps this hefty penetrator in place and gives you a bigger, longer lasting hard on. The lengthy design and hefty girth make this one powerful penetrator.


    Transform your meat into a long, thick donkey-dong with a slight upward curve with the DONKEY penetrator.

    DONKEY straps to your junk by a built-in cockring at the base that holds tight to your meat no matter how hard you're fuckin'.

    DONKEY is made from Pure Platinum Silicone so it's smooth and fleshy but firm enough to fuck with.

    The underside has a concave indent that rests on top of your fuckstick and makes this hefty hole-wrecker feel like an extension of you.

    Watch his eyes widen when he sees this swingin' between your legs...


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