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OxBalls Ballsling Ball-Split-Sling

Stretchy, soft sling with ball-splitting strap.


Hunkyjunk HUJ c-ring

Super-soft, stretchy multi-use c-ring.


OxBalls Cock-T, Cockring

Comfortable silicone cockring won't pinch or strangle. Inside circumference is 4 in.


Willy Rings 3-Pack Cockrings

Convenient 3-pack of stretchy, soft jelly rings.


Hunkyjunk CONNECT cock/balltugger

Dual two-in-one ball-ring and c-ring.


OxBalls Boner Cockring

Soft and squishy Boner Cockring


HUMPX cockring

A larger, stretchy, soft jelly ring modeled after our best-selling HUMPBALLS ring.


Hunkyjunk Clutch

Super-soft, ergonomic c-sling.


OxBalls Thruster Cockring

Super stretchy full-sized cockring


OxBalls Balls-T

Best-selling pure silicone ballstretcher.


OxBalls 360 Cockring & Ballsling

Versatile two-in-one cockring and ballstretcher.


Hunkyjunk LOCKDOWN

Soft, stretchy chastity-cage with open tip and ventilation holes.


OxBalls Gauge Cockring

Stretchy, soft ring inspired by pierced genitals.


Oxsling Cocksling

Fleshy, soft sling made from new silicone/TPR hybrid, PLUS+SILICONE.


AIR super-lite airflow cockring

Stretchy, soft lightweight ring made from our new silicone/TPR hybrid, PLUS+SILICONE.


OxBalls Squeeze

Soft, stretchy hourglass-shaped ballstretcher.

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