Oxballs Flush

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  • FLUSH is a pure silicone dildo with a concave indent running the length of it. The "ditch" opens up into a bowl-shaped basin at the base that's great for watersports play or inserting lube. FLUSH is made from high grade Pure Platinum Silicone so it's thick and fleshy but still soft and smooth for insertion. The versatile design can either be used for creative messy play or as a standard dildo.

    FLUSH dildo is so fuckin' dirty, so simple and oh so useful...

    FLUSH is made from premium, high-quality Pure Platinum Silicone, the only type that is smooth, warm, can even be sterilized and stands up to most anything you can use on or in it.

    The base has a toilet-shaped "bowl" that connects through a long ditch to another drainage ditch towards the head.

    So many ways to use it, we are sure all the pigs will figure it out...


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