The Rose Toy from TikTok 101

The Rose Toy from TikTok: Everything You Need to Know

I am not new to clitoral suction toys – in fact, I'm an enormous fan of them. I work at a BDSM & fetish store, so I've used plenty of clitoral suction toys in the past. Using one is definitely one of my favorite ways to start and/or end my day! So when the rose toy went viral on TikTok, my interest was piqued.

I was not at all surprised that people all over the world were raving about the magic of clit sucker toys – I mean it when I say that they are a fast pass to the climax.

With what seemed like every other video on my TikTok feed talking about this magical rose adult toy, I had to see if it lived up to the hype. 

Keep reading for what the rose toy is, which brand to buy, my personal review on it, how to best use it, and other frequently asked questions.

There are many different rose adult toys out there since it went viral on TikTok, but this particular toy I'll be discussing in the blog is the best in my opinion!


What is the rose toy?

Why the massive hype on the rose toy? What makes it so special?

Before we dive into why we love the rose toy, let's first talk about what kind of vibrator the rose toy is

Clitoral Suction Vibrators

The rose toy falls under the category of clitoral suction vibrators. Clitoral suction vibrators, also known as air pressure toys  or "clit suckers," are externally stimulating toys designed specifically for people with vulvas. These toys essentially offer oral sex without the need for a partner. As you can probably imagine, it's incredible.

These toys give you body–quaking orgasms by rapidly pulsing and vibrating to create an air–tight seal around the clitoris (or wherever else you'd like), imitating the sucking sensation we all lose ourselves to.

So what's so special about the rose?

The rose toy is a wildly popular clit sucker for several reasons. The rose toy is affordable, adorable, and amazing at its job.

For less than $53, you can have a toy that will give you an incredible orgasm every time you use it. Not only is this toy affordable and reliable, it's also easy to travel with due to its seemingly innocent appearance and its small size.

Whether you're new to air pulsing toys or you've used them hundreds of times, this toy is a no–brainer.

Which rose should you buy?

Since blowing up on TikTok, rose toys flooded the market and there are what seems like hundreds of different rose toys to choose from. When I was researching the rose toy online, I saw some articles on faulty, unsafe rose toys. 

Let's skip buying a bad version of the toy and get a toy that will give us what we want! Here's the rose toy I can vouch for:

The Rose by INYA

Price: $52.99 

  • – 3 speeds, 7 pulsation patterns
  • – Water resistant
  • – Body–safe silicone
  • – Rechargeable battery with charger included
  • – Size: 2.6 x 2.32 x 2.32 inches

I personally tried out the Rose Toy by INYA (more on that in a bit). Spoiler alert: I love it! This toy features soft, body–safe silicone that makes up the body and petals. The center of this rose toy offers fluttering, air pulsation and vibration that you can use to easily target the clitoris, nipple, or wherever else you’d like. 

This toy is water-resistant and rechargeable, making it an easy toy to travel with. The toy is light and small, making it easy to hold and use in a variety of positions.  

Warranty Information

There is a 1–year limited warranty on this product that covers malfunctions and failure due to regular use. If you’re experiencing issues with your rose toy, you may ship your toy to the address below with a copy of the receipt, the reason for the return, and your contact information (including your return address). If you have any questions or do not have your receipt, please reach out to [email protected]

NS Novelties 21345 Lassen Street, Chatsworth, CA 91311

My Review of the Rose Toy



    – Vibration: 4/5
    – User–friendliness: 5/5
    – Construction: 4/5
    – Noise Level: 3/5
    – Overall: 4/5


    I was so excited to open my new toy package, give it a good wash, and charge it up for its first use. I set aside 2 whole hours for solo play time, that's how excited I was. 

    I am someone who loves very strong clitoral stimulation, so I was a bit nervous that this toy wouldn't satisfy me.

    The moment I rested the center of the rose on my clit, I was flooded with sensation. I hadn't even sealed the suction around my clitoris yet. This little rose was not messing around.

    Needless to say, I was surprised by the strength of the vibration and pulsation this small toy delivered! 

    The opening of the center is not very wide or deep, making the vibrations targeted and strong right where it needed to be. 

    I loved how small the toy is – it is so light so my hand didn't get tired at any point. Cupping it in my hand felt natural and I was able to direct it everywhere I wanted sensation. 

    The silicone is very, very soft. The way a toy feels in your hand really does matter! But of course, it also matters how it feels against your clitoris. The petals that make up the center of the toy do have some give to them so they're not too stiff, and they felt really great as I moved the toy around my vulva.

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    I preferred using lube with it, and it wasn't much louder than it was without lube. The soft silicone felt silky with lube on it.

    I played around with moving the toy back and forth, moving my hips up and down, and other motions. It's a great toy for edging! All of the motions felt wonderful no matter what level of vibration I was using.

    Needless to say, I did orgasm, and it felt like an enormous wave of pleasure crashing over's now my new favorite toy to use when I need a little pick me up. 

    Is the rose toy for you?

    This is a versatile toy that fits the needs of many. The rose toy is not only a good fit for those just beginning to try out clitoral vibrators, it will also pleasure those who've used many vibrators before.  

    I will say that if you are someone who knows that you like very strong, rapid vibration, this toy might not satisfy you. The rose only has 3 speed settings, and the highest speed does not have an incredibly strong vibration/suction compared to other toys on the market. 

    If you are on testosterone or have a larger clitoris, the size of the hole in the center of this toy is not very wide or deep and it might not fit your anatomy well. 

    For a mid–range toy, this is a great option for a lot of people, but it's not for everyone. 

    How to Use the Rose Toy

    I wish we could just jump right into using the toy, but there are two important things you must do before using your toy the first time: wash and charge it. 

    Right when you open that box up, give that toy a good wash. You don't know where it's been – stray on the safe side and clean it with your favorite anti–bacterial sex toy wash.

    After washing it, charge your toy completely! Even if the toy has some charge, it is the best practice to charge your toys after purchase. 

    That first charge extends the life of the battery and helps your toy stay charged for the full duration of play time. 

    Be sure not to leave the toy on the charger longer than necessary; once it is fully charged, take it off its charger. This will also help your toy live a long life.

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    How to Operate the Rose Toy

    To turn the toy on, press and hold the button for 2–3 seconds. The button will light up and the center of the rose will pulse and vibrate. 

    To change the pulsation speed or pattern, click the button once. The rose toy will cycle through the pulsation speeds and patterns with each click of the button.

    To turn the toy off, press and hold the button for 2–3 seconds. 

    Roses were made to be simple yet efficient. 

    How you play with yourself is entirely up to you. But I encourage you to experiment and explore!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    With all the social media buzz, people have a lot of questions about this toy! From how to use it to if it can be used in the bathtub, I’ve heard it all and I’m here to answer your questions

    Can the rose toy go in water?

    The rose toy I mentioned in this blog is water–resistant. This means that it can be used while in contact with water but cannot be fully submerged. 

    The good news: The rose toy can be used in places like the shower! 

    The bad news: it cannot be used in bathtubs, in pools, or anywhere else where the toy would be fully submerged in water. Fully submerging the toy could damage it permanently, and the warranty would not cover the damage because this would be considered misuse of the toy.

    Can I use the rose toy while pregnant?

    Yes, you most certainly can. This toy is made with body–safe, FDA–approved silicone. 

    The rose toy is also gentle and can only be used externally.

    We encourage pregnant people to play with vibrators and adult toys while pregnant! It’s such a great way to treat yourself while you’re doing the exhausting work of carrying a child.

    How do you charge the rose toy?

    The rose toy has two small, metal dots on the bottom of the toy. 

    This is where the magnetic charger that came with your toy connects to charge it. Simply connect the USB magnetic charger to a power source and align the charging points to the metal points found on the bottom of the toy. 

    The toy’s button will light up and blink while charging. The light will stop blinking when it no longer needs to be charged.

    Do not leave the toy on the charger once it is fully charged.

    Where to buy the rose toy charger?

    Lost your rose adult toy charger? You’re in luck. There are plenty of replacement options on sites like Amazon and eBay. 

    Search “two point magnetic charging cable” or "rose toy charger" and you will pull up a plethora of affordable options. 

    Please reference your toy’s manual to reference the specs of your original charger. If you do not have your manual, feel free to reach out to the toy’s manufacturers to ask for the specific details you need. 

    Make sure you purchase a cable that matches the original cable’s charging voltage and the distance between the metal charging points. 

    The distance between the points is often measured in millimeters. Measure the distance between the center of each metal point to get this distance yourself.

    What do I do if the rose toy isn’t working properly?

    Luckily, the rose toy I recommend also includes a 1–year limited warranty. 

    If you ran into problems with your toy within 2 days of purchasing it from Bondesque, you can reach out to us and we can assist you.  

    We can only assist you if you purchased your toy from us and you contacted us within 2 days after purchase.  

    If you are passed the 2-day point but did purchase the toy within the last year, please reach out to the manufacturer of your toy for assistance.

    How do I clean and maintain my rose toy?

    Cleaning a clitoral suction toy may seem complicated, but I promise you that it isn’t.

    The easiest way to clean this toy is to use a silicone–friendly, antibacterial wash. You can use wipes or soaps!

    To clean with a wipe, simple wipe down the body and petals of the toy. Be sure to clean the inside of the center of the rose! To wipe the inside of the center, wrap the wipe around a Q–tip and circle the inside of the center. Once you've wiped it down, give it a good rinse with lukewarm water. 

    If you would rather use a silicone–friendly, antibacterial toy wash, wet the body of the toy with lukewarm water and lather the body and center of the rose. Leave the wash on the toy for about 30 seconds and then give it a good rinse with lukewarm water.

    To best prolong the life of your toy, be sure to charge it as needed. Do not leave the toy on the charger longer than necessary – once the toy is fully charged, remove it and stow it away where it won’t be exposed to extreme temperatures.

    Thanks for reading!

    I hope you learned something about this little sucker, and if you are tempted to give it a go, we offer it here at Bondesque for only $53! Now it's time to mess around and enjoy :)

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