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A little Anal plug that doesn’t get in the way

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  • Like so many of my toys, this too has a very personal story attached to it.  For many years there’s been a Thumbdrive Plug out there in the world, being enjoyed by the wife of a play buddy of mine, Melissa.  You see, she asked me after we had all met up one Fall if I had something slim and not too big that she could use anally while she was having sex vaginally, for as she says:  “it just isn’t sex unless there’s a little ass play involved”.  Well, needless to say I wasn’t going to let her go unfulfilled.

    I made nothing like it at the time so I took the thumb top from my Thumbin' it toy and made it into a humorous little plug for her.  I’m reminded now why I’ve been referred to as the “Mad Hatter of dildos” on more than occasion, lol  She’s been enjoying it for years and I had completely forgotten about it until she reached out to me recently asking for a bigger one.

    The fact it worked so well for her was all the inspiration I needed to turn the original one-off into a production model and create 2 larger sizes to grow in to.  The design intent is to be simple, effective, and not get in the way of vaginal penetration as the base is the same profile on all 3 sizes.

    Despite these origins, it could also be worn by men who just want a little somethin’-somethin’ up there but in a non-phallic shape.  Calibrated for anal novices or those who only indulge on occasion as there isn’t a big jump between sizes, allowing for a slow progression up as your experience grows.

    Swirls are a natural part of the casting of these highly pearlescent colors, the plug surface is smooth though the optical effects may look like there is a texture to the toy. Each swirl pattern is unique and images don’t show what swirl pattern you might receive.

    Please remember that the rectal lining is designed by nature to absorb things and has a direct connection to the bloodstream, so if you don’t splurge on 100% Platinum grade silicone for most toys, do so at least for your plugs to avoid toxicity.


    Height 6.5" • Circumferences: Bulb 5.1" & Neck 3.3"

    Height 16.5cm • Circumferences: Bulb 13cm & Neck 8.5cm


    Height 6.8" • Circumferences: Bulb 5.2" & Neck 3.5"

    Height 17.5cm • Circumferences: Bulb 13.5cm & Neck 9cm


    Height 7.3" • Circumferences: Bulb 5.4" & Neck 3.7"

    Height 18.5cm • Circumferences: Bulb 14cm & Neck 9.5cm

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