Let's be loud leather slapper

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  • The lines on this simple slapper are graceful and smooth but they bely a nasty bite. The handle is reinforced with a metal rod to keep its shape and is integrated into two layers of thick latigo leather that make up the slapper, with a stitched and tooled border to emphasize the beautiful teardrop shape. The impact end of the slapper delivers a nice blend of sting and thud with the distinctively loud "crack" of the slapper layers connecting with skin and leather. Even light taps give a pleasantly loud slapping noise for maximum mind game potential. A simple but effective piece, the Let's Be Loud delivers everything you'd want from a slapper: sturdy, well-designed, and loud.

    Material: Leather

    Length: 19.25 inches / 59 cm

    Width: 2.1 inches / 5.4 cm


5 stars based on 1 reviews

17 May 2023
Giedre L.
Delightful impact toy! I love the sound this slapper gives. It gives a great blend of thud and sting. A good choice for explorers of the kink realm