Give it to me Hard Baton

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  • Imprison your partner in pain and pleasure as they serve your every sentence.

    Justice to a misbehaving bottom is swiftly served with this intimidating piece of equipment. The Give It to Me Hard Baton makes for a marvelous addition to anyone with an authority fetish and can be used in all forms of punishment for any crime. The crushed leather covered
    foam bat looks a lot more terrifying than it feels causing a real mindfuck.

    The leather is seamlessly stitched together along the bottom of the baton and two rows across the top to create a bat-like look. The handle is smooth and curved to fit any hand comfortably and creates an overwhelming sense of power. Where the handle meets the baton, a double row of spikes circles the deviant device for some extra punishment. A cross patter holds the leather together with delicate detail.

    Leather: Cow Leather
    Padding: Soft cow leather
    Length: 22 inches/ 57.5 cm.
    Diameter: 5.7inches/ 14.5 cm
    Weight: 0.320 gr
    Handle: Wooden Black Polished


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