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G squeeze

First ever Vaginal plug of its kind.

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  • Dedication:

    SquarePegToys® is a brand founded in community, and this new toy follows proudly in that tradition.  I owe a debt of gratitude to Melissa for the original inspiration for this work, as well as to Felicity and Tawney for providing invaluable feedback to help perfect the final version seen here.

    The Story:

    The prototype of the new G squeeze™ vaginal plug has been bouncing around my studio for about 10 years.  It came to life at around the same time I was creating the Thumbdrive for Melissa, the wife of a bi play bud of mine. At the time she was really into vaginal stuffing and I thought I’d try my hand at making a plug for her.  That was 2011 and the then novel toy design Slink® was just being introduced, which ended up drawing my attention away from new projects as I focused on growing the range of sizes of Slink®

    In the past few years the use of Egg Plugs and Splitters as vaginal stuffers has grown and so I thought why not simply create a plug perfectly suited for this purpose.  After all, SquarePeg isn’t just about anal toys, you just need to look at the urethral toys, puppy tails and bowls, and throat toys to see that.

    The creative process for developing a novel vaginal plug unfolded  in the same way a design for any new toy does, combining some hands-on experience with information gleaned from research articles and anatomical reference materials. It’s geeky and technical as a creative process but this approach  allows for outside the box thinking to create novel designs that not only look nice but have in them an inherent functionality that pushes boundaries and brings new found ways to enjoy masturbation and sex.

    Design considerations: Scoop shape collapses with a squeeze and then expands back to original shape once inserted.  The concave areas are intended to keep pressure off the cervix depending on position while the roundness provides G-spot pressure. Can be used with scoop positioned forward or to the back.  Base is intelligently shaped to rest comfortably between the labia.

    Swirls are a natural part of the casting of these highly pearlescent colors, the plug surface is smooth though the optical effects may look like there is a texture to the toy. Each swirl pattern is unique and images don’t show what swirl pattern you might receive.


    Height 5.2" • Circumferences: Bulb 5.2" & squeezed 4.7" • Neck 3.5"

    Height 13.5cm • Circumferences: Bulb 13.5cm & squeezed 12.5cm • Neck 9cm


    Height 5.5" • Circumferences: Bulb 6.3" & squeezed 5.3" • Neck 3.5"

    Height 14.5cm • Circumferences: Bulb 16cm & squeezed 13.5cm • Neck 9cm


    Height 5.4" • Circumferences: Bulb 6.7" & squeezed 5.8" • Neck 4.5"

    Height 14cm • Circumferences: Bulb 17cm & squeezed 14.5cm • Neck 11.5cm


    Height 5.4" • Circumferences: Bulb 7.7" & squeezed 6.5" • Neck 5"

    Height 14cm • Circumferences: Bulb 19.5cm & squeezed 16.5cm • Neck 13cm

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