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Dalia Marble

Special Edition G-Spot Dildo

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  • Each dildo is hand painted with a luxurious marble effect in our Montreal studio making every piece one of a kind.

    The one of a kind design of the Dalia is what makes it such a great G-Spot massager, because the shape was created with vaginas in mind! It is easy to manipulate, lightweight and the matte finish of the porcelain will give you a good grip for a pleasurable orgasmic session in bed (or wherever you’d like). The Dalia is a dual end dildo, you can use either end to reach your G-Spot and use the rounded tip to assist you during your Kegels exercise session.

    Porcelain is a luxurious material and we chose it for its numerous qualities: 100% body safe, hypoallergenic, non-porous, thermo conductive, easy to wash and sterilize, extremely durable and very resistant in use.


    Each box includes: Dalia, storage bag, informative booklet and authenticity certificate
    - Vibration and Phtalate free
    - Weight : 137g
    - Lenght : 178 mm / 7 in
    - Gurt : See product sheet
    G-spot Stimulation
    Kegels exercises

    -5 years warranty

    - Painted with dinnerware safe underglazes

    *** All of our product are vibration free ***


    Is it breakable?

    Because it is made of porcelain, the second question we get the most is: Is it breakable? The answer is yes, but no ... porcelain is actually extremely resistant in use (it is known for its great mechanical strength), so have no fear during your pleasure sessions! However, porcelain is more fragile to shocks, meaning that if you drop it on the floor or transfer it from freezer to boiling water, it could break. That's why we created our OOPS policy! a 5 year warranty that comes automatically with our porcelain products!

    3. Is it cold?

    Not really, porcelain usually takes the room's temperature. So it will be a little cooler than your body, but that's all, similar to wood. This gives an interesting advantage to porcelain: it can be easily warmed (in your hands or under water) or cooled (under water or in the refrigerator) - perfect for temperature play. So, if you feel more adventurous, do not hesitate! Many of our customers and professional critics adore this slight difference in temperature.

    4. Why did you choose porcelain?

    Here is a (non-exhaustive) list of the different advantages of porcelain:

    • Hypo alergenic
    • Phthalates and plastic free
    • Highly resistant in use
    • Non-porous, once it's fired in the oven porcelain becomes vitrified and nothing can degrade it or penetrate it
    • Made of natural materials
    • Extremely durable, it can literally last hundreds of years
    • Created locally, we were able to find talented ceramists in Montreal's area

    5. Is the Dalia empty?

    Yes, about 20% to 25% of the Dalia is empty, this comes from the manufacturing technique used to make the product. The ceramist, Louise Bousquet, uses the technique originating from Limoges in France, which allows us to have a porcelain of very high quality. The walls, however, have a considerable thickness which makes the product extremely resistant.

    6. Does it vibrate?

    Nope, all our products are Vibration free.  We wanted our clients to take time for themselves with the Dalia, to explore their sexuality without pressure and to connect with themselves or their partner. Furthermore, trough our research, we realized that for G spot stimulation pressure is more effective than vibrations, since there is no nervous ends in that region.

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