The Pear of Anguish | Anal Speculum

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  • As a simple butt plug, insert the cool bulb, leaving the rubber ring in place to keep the three Trillium petals together to maintain the traditional plug shape. For a special punishment, or reward, remove the ring, and after sliding the plug into place, press down on the outer steel disc at the base of the plug to cause the Trillium to spread its petals and bloom inside. To keep this devious device spread open, and your naughty sub from removing their toy, attach the included padlock through the post at the base of the plug. Measures 5.63 in. long overall, 2.25 in. long expandable bulb, Collapsed Bulb has 1.8 in. max insertable diameter. Expanded Bulb has 2.58 in. max insertable diameter. Padlock and 3 keys are included.


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