The Home Belt Paddle

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  • A Daddy’s best tool for punishment has always been the standard belt, but this Home Belt Paddle takes it up a notch to really put that brat of yours back in their place. Embodying the classic feel of belting with a thicker and more accommodating leather strap, as well as a thick leather handle for a perfect grip, this strap will take your spanking to a 10 on the pain scale with ease -- inertia is key with this paddle. With an appealing symmetrical stitch along the handle, two silver studs holding the paddle firmly to the handle, and the lux mahogany color coating the handle, this paddle is both breath-taking to look at as well as use and is durable enough to take on longer punishments.

    Leather: Saddle/ Thick Buff
    Length: 20 inches/ 51.5 cm.
    Width: 2.4 inches/ 6 cm.


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09 Sep 2023
This has easily become one of my favorite finishers for a spanking scene. The sound it makes when it comes in contact with the skin is so satisfying and watching the person squirm after feeling it. Even the most experienced bottom will respond to it!