The 9's, Make Me Melt Sensual Warm-Drip Candles

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  • Perfect for titillating BDSM fun, these 100 percent paraffin wax-play candles have just a tinge of heat when dripped, and then quickly become pleasantly warm. Available in a variety of colors, these classic wax-play candles provide a fun visual experience
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5 stars based on 2 reviews

08 Oct 2023
I love wax play and this is a great value as they last a long time and I get the color packs so I can do artwork on the body like smiley face or spell my name and the different colors make it a masterpiece. Also a pro-tip is coat the body with silicone lube (I prefer uber lube) and it gives the body a nice shine and makes the clean up so much easier when done or when need to clean your work surface to make another master piece on my canvas.
15 Aug 2023
Giselle p
I wanted to try wax, this pack was a great place to start. Bodysafe, vibrant with colour and easy to handle. My partner really enjoyed wax play even when they thought they wouldn’t, the beauty of exploration