Slap Me Paddle

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  • A modest design makes up the Slap Me paddle with a rectangular paddle down to a thin neck handle and enclosed rolled leather rod for effortless hold and stitched outline along the edges. The sound the paddle produces is a delicious slap.
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5 stars based on 2 reviews

03 Mar 2024
I am a big fan of getting a traditional spanking, so was intrigued when my daddy brought home the paddle. I could not wait to get spanked that week. In the beginning it was a different and a sharper impact for me. But as I kept getting spanked I realized that the sting that came with this paddle was incredible and made me want more. The paddle is a bit wider than the hand, so fetching more of my butt cheeks at the same time was such a bittersweet feeling and experience. I am simply in love with it and the marks that it gave me :)))
08 Jul 2022
My favorite paddle