Missing Home Paddle

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  • The comfort of home is hard to replicate and we can find ourselves craving for the serenity that our own sanctuaries bestow. Fortunately, you can now bring a slice of that feeling wherever you may traverse with the Missing Home paddle. Resembling a hand-held canoe paddle, this paddle is bigger in size than most. The smooth leather handle is long,
    excellent for big hands and two handed swings, and has a decorative cut out below the paddle buffer that exposes a lighter cracked leather. The handle also has a rolled-up leather rod inside for durability, a flat back, and has stitching all around the frame as well as in between the paddle portion and the handle itself matching the color of the cutout. The thick
    leather paddle has an equally thick leather buffer pad with vertical raised ridges with stitching separating each one. The back of the paddle is flat and a great classic rounded paddle to spank with! Help your little feel more at home with Daddy’s spankings using this domestic taming tool.


5 stars based on 2 reviews

05 Mar 2024
The paddle is very well made with a sturdy handle. You can go as hard as you want and it will not bent! I was impressed. The padded side makes a loud thump noise while the flat side is nosy and very stingy. The leather feels great on both sides. I am for sure giving this a thumbs up!
14 Jul 2023
This is a fantastic piece! Nice thud on one side, followed by a surprisingly nice sting on the other.