I Love You Paddle

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  • Show how serious Mommy’s love is for her little by using the I Love You paddle on their bare bottom! This paddle has two-in-one types of impact: a buffer side that makes a boisterous blow and a flat side made of thick leather that creates a fierce bite! The paddle is all one unit from handle to top of paddle and made of all leather. The paddle has stitching around the edge and around the heart shaped buffer pad. The handle has a wrist strap and has wrapped thick leather as a support rod inside the handle. Have your babygirl count all the ways you love her after every swat.


    Leather: Saddle
    Padding: Sheep leather
    Length: 11 inches/ 27.5 cm.
    Width: 6.3 inches/ 16 cm.



5 stars based on 2 reviews

20 Feb 2024
Shannon T.
amazing! this paddle was a great addition to my collection! The surface area was great for my OTK spanking session, easy to hold and switch up the sensations from stingy to thuddy simply by flipping it over... I rate this 10 Stars
25 Sep 2023
Got this paddle for my husband's birthday and had to test it out right away. It has a nice solid stingy impact when using the non padded side. The padded side still has some stingy to it but more a thud and makes a nice noise upon impact. It has a nice width and length so no part of the butt cheek feels left out. We both love the love you paddle and it says handy so we can swat each other and say I Love You!