Horse Heel Paddle

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  • This teardrop shaped paddle is one every painslut will adore. The black thick leather has a very good weight to it with an equally thick handle with supportive wrist strap that feels powerful in one’s hand and with one look, you can be certain of its durability. The teardrop opening has thick, protruding leather in a horseshoe shape on the inside of the paddle. However, the leather of this paddle isn’t the only thing that will cause a tremble from the abused bottom it is striking. On the inside horseshoe of the paddle, there are two sets of two sharp spiked studs waiting to inflict a deliciously piercing surprise. The elegant contrast of the sleek stitching encompassing the paddle and the smooth edges with the vicious look and feel of the paddle is a true delight for sadomasochists.

    Leather: Saddle
    Length: 13.5 inches / 35.5 cm
    Width:   5.9 inches /  15 cm
    Spikes: 8 total


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11 Oct 2022
Pound for pound, this paddle packs a punch. We dragged the studded side across my skin between beating me with the smooth side—all the shivers! I love it and I hate it so I guess that makes it perfect.