Crossing the river called suffering

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  • The sexy story of a woman NOT looking for love, instead answers to questions about her sexual needs and desires. She learns of her power and how to use it. If you like adventures and transformation, this is the real deal. It is the incredible and inspiring path of a woman that has struggled in a marriage with a narcissistic abusive man for 25 years. While raising children, seeking purpose and struggling with discontentment, she attempted to push through life because she took vows. She tries all the avenues of distraction like hobbies, career, house, being a good mom, church, volunteering, etc. Being proud and driven worked against her with time, as gas lighting and manipulation push her into a dark place of despair and hopelessness. Faced with her fathers progressing Alzheimer Disease, she has been a people pleaser all her life and is regularly disappointed in the area of her OWN pleasure. She dissolves the marriage and decides to reinvent herself but needs to do some experimentation to find out what she really wants. Her exploration ramps up after the divorce as she dives into the world of sex that has been off limits to her all these years. She approaches her interactions with a curious verve that will leave you on the edge of your seat. There is explicit content because she is on a sexual revolution. She starts with online dating apps and progresses not only through the kink, fetish, BDSM, and swinging worlds but through the ultimate evolution of her erotic, dynamic, powerful value as a woman. This book is meant to be an encouragement to men and women that breaking free and coming into their power is possible and can be fun and exhilarating, feeding the essence of being, to learn and grow.


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