Bond Cat-nail

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  • The cat nail is a bdsm nail ring for sensation play and sensual. It can be a bdsm estim accessory along with being a sharp wearable nail for kink scenes.
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5 stars based on 2 reviews

10 Apr 2024
I love this addition to my bag of tricks! After getting familiar with a pinwheel and having already been a fan of fingernails on my skin, this seemed like the next step and, freaking wow. You can be gentle or you can draw a couple drops of blood with these, and I'm in love. The scratches that get left behind heal pretty quickly but stay visible for a couple weeks (and while they're still tender, brushing them against something simply reminds me of the last wondrous session I had). If you're into scratching and marks like I am, I highly recommend this gets added to your bag as well!
23 Sep 2023
Jacob T
I am a fan of sensation play and have the pin wheels already and was wanting something else to add to my play bag. This was a great addition for it allows me to have more intimate play with my partner as while dragging the claw across their body my other hand can touch them or if I'm feeling extra frisky have one on each hand and dragging on the body and having them squirm.