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  • Add a fun, pleasurable twist to your kegels with the We-Vibe Bloom, a vibrating kegel ball with multiple weighted attachments. Waterproof, rechargeable, and app enabled, it’s a great way to enhance your pelvic floor exercises.
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5 stars based on 1 reviews

08 Oct 2023
A really fantastic product for more advanced kegel exercises!

I have been doing kegel exercises for over a year and I had always been intrigued by the idea of investing in some high end vibrating kegel balls, partly for taking my exercises to the next level and partly because I'm always looking for new toys! The We-Vibe kegel balls took my interest because 1) they had their own vibrations, which interested me for kegel exercise 2) because the kegel balls could connect to an app for remote control of the vibrations, which sounded exciting!

The instructions that came with the kegal balls is very clear, I was already quite knowledgeable about the exercises but this really was helpful in giving my confidence in how to use the toy and how to make sure to use it safely! 

The charging is really clear, basically it is when you remove (with a screw top) the head inside the toy is the small hole for plugging in the cable, which I thought was very discreet and made the toy much safer to use as there would be no risk of water getting into the charging electrical bit while using, as the screw top for the head ball is very well made and strong, it couldn't easily come loose! 

Now... onto the app, which I downloaded on my iPhone and is called "We-Connect" on the app store. It is amazing!!! Basically, the app/phone connects with the toy using bluetooth, which you do by placing the toy near to your phone when it is searching for the toy and pressing the power button. After a few seconds, the toy connected and I could see it on the screen and you can literally move your finger up and down on the screen to increase or decrease the vibrations, as well as select between a lot of different amazing Vibes.

There was also the feature where you could create your own vibe, which it was impressive to have the option of doing this, but honestly the vibe pre-made and being able to increase or decrease the vibrations was enough to do the job for me!

Importantly, if you were wanting to use this toy without having to use the app, you can go between the settings using the discreet button on the lower side of the toy, which was useful, but really the app is so great it was always my go to choice for using the toy! Also, in terms of the design, the material is very soft and it really works great with lube to easily move inside and outside of me in a non-painful way, which was great as I was a little bit worried about that, but it was great!

Importantly, the toy is shaped kind of like a tampon (or sperm), with a tail and metal ball at the end. This worked really well so that, at all times, I felt confident that I would not lose the toy inside me and that I could easily remove it at any time. Due to the shape and texture of the tail part of the toy, I could easily place it to the side, poking out of my underwear when it was inside me and it was discreet enough when wearing trousers.

Lastly, to the kegel exercises themselves, it really made a big difference and made me have to work harder, making it feel like I was making a bigger difference during the exercises. I've only had this toy for a few weeks so it still is quite early to tell, but from my experience so far it really feels like a step up and it definitely is so easy to use that I would never even consider doing kegel exercises without them! 

A fantastic product for anyone wanting to take a more advanced step in doing their kegel exercises! The apps works perfectly, the toy is perfectly sized/shaped/textured and I have no faults at all, it's perfect :)