Bird Cage Chastity Device #2

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  • Details
  • Size 45 mm 50 mm

    Ring Circumference



    Total Length

    6.5" -

    Cage circumference

    6" -
    Cage length 5.75" -
    Gap 0.75" -


    • Stainless Steel Cage
    • Metal padlock with 2 keys

    The Bird Cage Chastity Device is ready to cage up his cock until you allow him to fly the coupe! This unique chastity device resembles a bird cage allowing airflow, but don't let it fool you it'll keep him secured until you see fit to let him out. Made out of 316LVM Surgical Steel, with a base ring to go around the cock & balls, and a cage to enclose the penis with lock and key. Enjoy keeping him all locked up until you're ready to let him come out and play!


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