Adjustable four point spreader bar

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  • This spreader bar adjusts from 25 to 40 inches, and features four hard points, allowing for endless possibilities. The adjustable pins are secured with wing-nuts, adding durability and preventing escape. Available in high gloss chrome or matte black.
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5 stars based on 2 reviews

02 Sep 2023
We are so satisfied with this spreader bar! Finally found one strong enough to actually do some heavy play. All 4 points are sturdy and will actually hold anything you latch on them.
11 Sep 2022
After reading some posts and stories about sensual self bondage, decided to try a little vanilla play. Purchased some leather Axovus wrist and ankle cuffs and four point spreader bar. Wore them around the house just to get the feel. Very comfortable and erotic. After a couple of hours, stripped down with cuffs on and clipped ankle cuffs to the spreader bar. Inserted vibrating plug into my ass and clipped the ankle cuffs behind my back. Laid back and enjoyed the feeling of being restrained with the plug in. Did not use the locks because I am a beginner. After a half hour, managed to unclip the wrist restraints and finish myself off while ankle cuffs still clipped to the spreader bar and vibrating plug in. OMG what an intense orgasm. The bar and ankle cuffs provided added intense extra pleasure. Thinking about adding the locks for next session, but need some practice on how to unlock with the keys. Spreader bar definitely adds to the pleasure and excitement. Looking forward to next adventure.