Lovense Ferri | App-Controlled Panty Vibrator

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  • Meet the Lovense Ferri, a wearable panty vibrator that is waterproof, wireless, app-controlled, rechargeable, and perfect for long distance play. With a strong magnet clip and whisper quiet motor, there’s no end to the sexy adventures you can have.
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4,7 stars based on 3 reviews

22 Sep 2023
I love the Ferri! I have used this toy countless times and it always makes me so wet. For a panty vibrator it is very discreet and amazing for public play! The only downside is when I get really wet it can move a little. I will also add that the remote app control is the best way to use this toy, it allows you to adjust the vibration modes all from your phone.
05 Mar 2023
By far my favorite toy! If you don’t own a panty vibrator, you should! The lovense app offers so much , but my personal two favorite settings to enjoy with this toy is the alarm clock mode & the noise activation setting which makes bars, dinner dates, clubbing & shopping that much sweeter!!!
21 Sep 2022
The Ferri is perfect for us because we already have other Lovense toys, and it uses the same app! We love using this toy to spice up a date night and no-one else but us has to know. Try it, you'll love it!