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Fox Fur Paddle

Fox fur paddle


Classic Leather Padded Bondage Collar

Classic leather padded bondage collar


Metal Punk 1/2 Spiked Leather Choker

Metal punk 1/2 spiked leather choker


Choker Full Metal Punk Spikes

Choker full metal punk spikes


Spike Sub Leather Bondage Collar

Spike sub leather bondage collar


Locking Leather/Neoprene Collar

Locking leather/neoprene collar


Locking Princess Bondage Collar

Locking princess bondage collar


Double Strap Suspender Harness

Double strap suspender harness


Pride Princess rhinestone choker

Pride princess rhinestone choker


Vinyl O/D ring Fashion choker

Vinyl o/d ring fashion choker


Zipper choker with an O ring

Zipper choker with an o ring


Large O ring fashion

Large o ring fashion collar


Stupid Cute Choker

Stupid cute choker


Deluxe 3D ring Collar

Deluxe 3d ring collar


Rhinestone Lead Choker 1/2"

Rhinestone lead choker 1/2"


Rhinestone O Ring Choker 1/2"

Rhinestone o ring choker 1/2"

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