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Products tagged with leather collars

Min: $0 Max: $90

Classic Leather Padded Bondage Collar

Classic leather padded bondage collar


Metal Punk 1/2 Spiked Leather Choker

Metal punk 1/2 spiked leather choker


Choker Full Metal Punk Spikes

Choker full metal punk spikes


Metalband Locking Padded Sub-Collar

Metalband locking padded sub-collar


Locking Leather/Neoprene Collar

Locking leather/neoprene collar


Locking Black Satin Padded Collar

Locking black satin padded collar


Metal Band Formal Collar

Metal band formal collar


Locking Princess Bondage Collar

Locking princess bondage collar


Pride Princess rhinestone choker

Pride princess rhinestone choker


Zipper choker with an O ring

Zipper choker with an o ring


Large O ring fashion

Large o ring fashion collar


Stupid Cute Choker

Stupid cute choker


Deluxe 3D ring Collar

Deluxe 3d ring collar


Jaguar Candy Pink Collar

Jaguar candy pink collar


Jaguar Black Collar

Jaguar black collar


Zipper and spike choker

Zipper and spike choker

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