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Sutil Luxe

SUTIL Luxe performs like silicone without the silicone! Formulated with the finest botanical Eco-Certified ingredients including soothing Lotus Root Extract and Hyaluronic Acid to enhance your pleasure.


Fuck Water Original

FuckWater is the perfect wingman. Because it’s glycerin-free it never dries sticky.


Coconu Water-Based Organic Lubricant

Water-Based Organic Lubricant


Dame Alu Aloe Lubricant

Alu is a water-based lube made from aloe vera and natural plant extracts, formulated to match the vagina’s pH.


Intimate Earth Hydra Water Based Glide

Paraben-free, glycerin-free


Wicked Aqua Sensitive

Wicked Sensual Care Wicked Aqua Sensitive Water Based Lubricant Unscented


Wicked Aqua Temperature play

Water-based lubricant that designed to keep you cool or warm during intimate times.


Tom of Finland Water Base Lube

This waterproof lube dispenses from an attractive metal bottle that can take a beating. Cleans up easily with soap and water, and compatible with all toys and condoms. Long lasting and slick. 8 fl. oz. Comes with a Tom of Finland dog tag.

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