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The ogre-like demon with a cock to match Vac - U- hole

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Hankey Toys

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    Meet Oni, the ogre-like demon with a cock to match! Ready to split you in two, summon Oni tonight, he'll show up when you least expect it. Pushing you down on all fours as he grabs you from behind - you won't get away now...get ready. Oni enters you with one quick thrust, with the intent to destroy. Pounding you with no mercy until you submit to the relentless thrusting and only until he has decided he is done with you... he'll pull out slowly leaving you wasted and ruined, too tired to move and implanted with his demon seed.

    This is an absolute gorgeous toy, very well done - a true piece of art! We are very proud of this design and the results of all the hard work that went into creating this masterpiece. Get your Oni today, you won't be disappointed!

    Note: This toy is best-used solo or a partner using hands, machine, etc. but may not stand on its own and due to the curvature of the shaft, may not be the best toy for strictly 'sit-on' play.

    A NOTE ABOUT INTERNATIONAL ORDERS: Customers are responsible for paying all duties and taxes for their respective countries


    Circumference near head (rim): 4.00"

    Circumference near middle: 5.50"

    Circumference near base: 5.90"

    Overall length: 9.10"

    Insertable length: 7.10"

    Texture: Smooth with ridges and humps

    Strapon Ring Size: 2.00" (Fits loose)


    Circumference near head (rim): 4.75"

    Circumference near middle: 7.00"

    Circumference near base: 7.35"

    Overall length: 10.75"

    Insertable length: 9.00"

    Texture: Smooth with ridges and humps

    Strapon Ring Size: 2.50"

    ONI - LG/XL

    Circumference near head (rim): 5.75"

    Circumference near middle: 8.50"

    Circumference near base: 9.00"

    Overall length: 13.25"

    Insertable length: 10.75"

    Texture: Smooth with ridges and humps

    Strapon Ring Size: 3.00"

    ONI - XXL

    Circumference near head: 7.00"

    Circumference near middle: 9.75"

    Circumference near base: 10.25"

    Overall length: 15.00"

    Insertable length: 12.75"

    Texture: Smooth with ridges and humps

    Strapon Ring Size: 3.00" (Fits very tight)

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