Eroscillator Top Deluxe Powerful Clitoral Sex Toy Kit

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  • Details
    • One of the most powerful vibrator motors on the market
    • Includes 5 interchangeable attachments
    • Corded for consistent power
    • Medically recommended by research studies
    • Made with medical-grade materials
    • Water-resistant for cleaning (not submersible)
    • Easy cleaning

    The Eroscillator

    The Eroscillator is the #1 rated stimulator. It is clinically proven to be far more effective than ordinary vibrators, and to deliver more numerous, more powerful and longer lasting orgasms.

    The Eroscillator is a technological breakthrough in orgasmic response. Its attachments are directly connected to a unique axially oscillating engine, not to the device's body like ordinary vibrators, allowing for a constantly adapted dynamic response. Many women have experienced their first orgasm with the unswerving and gentle support of the Eroscillator. The whisper-quiet design also includes an easily-accessible power switch and the enhancement of 6 attachments and 9 heads to experiment with different sensations and focus. This Deluxe version includes a more powerful engine than the original for the most intense stimulation.

    Multiple Attachments: A Variety Of Blissful Experiences

    Snap on various attachments in your journey towards ecstasy and discover new landscapes of bliss. Attachments included:

    • Ultra Soft Finger Tip: medical-grade and silky, silicone head for rumbly yet powerful clitoral stimulation
    • Ball and Cup: ball attachment for gentle, sensual stimulation of the clitoris and nipples
    • Grapes and Cockscomb: textured attachment for thrilling stimulation
    • Golden Spoon: the "spoon" is cupped on one side to help indirectly stimulate the clitoris and the other side features textures for exciting stimulation
    • Seven Pearls of the Orient: specifically designed for penetrative vaginal or anal stimulation

    Ergonomically Designed: The Freedom To Concentrate On Your Orgasm

    The Eroscillator is whisper quiet and its easily accessible power switch and snap on attachments never come between you and your orgasms. Apply the oscillating head to your clitoris and achieve great orgasms with little or no effort

    Large Range Of Power Settings: The Optimal Pleasure Intensity

    With multiple power settings, the optimal stimulation intensity is but a flick of your finger away.

    Swiss Engineering: Dependable Quality

    Careful thinking, incredible attention to detail and top quality components confer a uniquely distinctive sturdiness and thorough water washability to the Eroscillator.

    Reliable Power: Limitless Satisfaction

    Enjoy limitless pleasure as the Eroscillator never needs recharging and never weakens while in use thanks to its battery-less design. Unlike battery operated vibrators, the Eroscillator won't wear down when it's most inconvenient.


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