Kinky Valentine’s Day Love Spell Recipe

Happy Valentine’s Day, Kinksters!


It’s me, your adorable, leather-clad, stiletto-wearing, leash-pulling, lovable Kink-Faerie! I'm here at Bondesque dishing out all of my tips and tricks for casting a Love Spell to Spice Up Valentine’s Day. Be sure to take in the wisdom of this love spell before visiting your local bondage store to pick up supplies. This spell is packed with plenty of options to truly captivate your beloved(s). If you incorporate even a few elements from this sensual spell, your kinky evening will surely be a success.


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Love Spell Recipe

Preparation time: 30 minutes - 2 hours



(your Kink-Faerie will discuss why these ingredients are so important in a moment)


Step 1) Take a nice hot bath.

Start out this day of love by giving yourself a little Valentine’s treat. To dial up the love, light a candle, sprinkle food-grade rose petals in the water, surround yourself with rose quartz, put on your favorite relaxing music, and soak. Take this moment of rest to breathe and reflect on the sweetness within you. Warm yourself up with light touch and exploration of your body. Loving yourself is the first step to having a great Valentine’s Day. When you're finished with your bath, massage some lotion or oil into your skin. Leave your skin soft to the touch and freshly scented, ready for your lover. 


Step 2) Drink some water. You’re going to need it!

Now that you’re out of the bath, go drink some water! There’s plenty left to do to manifest this kinky love spell, and you should be properly hydrated. Conversely, if you decide this bathing ritual is more suitable for your partner(s), this is a great time to ensure they’re hydrated for the night ahead. You can use the time they’re in the bath to check that you’re fully stocked up on Fuck Water lube too. 


Step 3) Negotiate with your partner (this can be done before Valentine's Night)

As your Kink-Faerie, I will always encourage safe, consensual sex. Gather your beloved in your arms and with love and lust in each other's eyes, discuss the sexy, kinky scene you will create together. 

This is the time to be incredibly honest with each other. If you are new to playing with each other, this discussion is of utmost importance. If you are not new to playing with each other, I always recommend having a brief discussion before the scene to stay in-tune with each other and avoid harmful situations. 


Some suggested topics of discussion:


  1.  Roles.
    1.  Will there be a top and bottom role? Will there be a dominant and a submissive?
    2.  Do any of the partners wish to switch roles during play? How will this be done?
    3.  What are the titles/names each partner is/is not okay being called during play?
  2.  Boundaries & Limits.
    1.  Discuss with your partner what is and is not okay during the scene you're hoping to create together. What are the physical and psychological limits of each partner? 
    2.  Discuss what the hard limits and boundaries of each partner.
    3.  Discuss what parts of each partner's body that they would like to be played with during the scene. 
  3.  Play Types.
    1.  Discuss what types of play each partner is open to and wanting to perform. 
    2.  Discuss what tools and toys will be used during the scene. Don't forget to discuss the limits and boundaries each partner has around the tools & toys that will be used.
  4.  Breaks & Duration
    1.  Do you want to take a break during the scene? Snacks? Water?
    2.  How long is each partner comfortable playing? 
  5.  Safety.
    1.  What are your safe words, gestures, noises, etc. and what will each mean? 
      1.  Safe words are not limited to "stop" alone. Safe words can also indicate that someone wants a scene to slow down, that their limits are being pushed, etc. 
    2.  Are you engaging in play that could potentially be harmful? Should there be a first aid kit nearby?


Step 4) Set up your bed restraints. 

Start to spice up Valentine’s Day on a winter night, February 14 preferred. The night should feel ripe with possibility as the moon hangs high in the sky, nearly full and lustful. Center your intentions to act with love, and settle into the remainder of the ritual. Set up an under the bed restraint system on your bed. I like these bed restraints for bondage from Sportsheets – they're so easy to hide under the bed covers. Who doesn’t love surprising your lover with bondage? You and your partner will appreciate setting your restraints up beforehand so the scene doesn't have to delay!


Step 5) Lay out your kinky ingredients. 

As you lay out your sensual array of BDSM gear from the ingredient list above, imagine that you’re building an altar honoring your lover(s). Display your chosen kinky ingredients with reverence, knowing you will soon use them in worship. 


Only the Best Ingredients Spice Up Valentine’s Day 


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Why mix these particular kinky ingredients together? Ask and you shall receive. Here’s the kinky gear recommended by your Kink-Faerie, why, and how to use each item. 


Satin Blindfold

Satin Blindfold

Why you’ll love it: 

This satin blindfold is perfectly soft and comes in a variety of romantic colors. With their sight taken away, your partner will be attentive to your every touch. Take one sense away and heighten their other senses. Soft and so versatile, this blindfold can be used in so many ways.


How to use it: 

This blindfold can be used to take your lover's sight away, yes, but it can also be used as wrist restraints, ankle restraints, a gag, and more. Slip the blindfold over your lover’s eyes and tighten to the point where it won’t slip around, but not so tight that it hurts them. Tie the satin blindfold around their wrists and or ankles and keep them in a submissive position. If you'd rather keep the restraint to rope or other systems, tie this blindfold over their mouth and gag them with a soft satin that won't cut the corners of their mouth. 


Padded Paddles

Padded Paddle I Love You Paddle

Why you’ll love it: 

As a Kink-Faerie, I am naturally drawn to all things lovely. This heart-shaped paddle is perfect for my endeavors, and I have a tingly feeling that it would be perfect for yours too. I love how padded and wide this paddle is - this paddle won't sting. The person wielding the paddle will have the option to use the padded or flat side at any moment. Alternate between thudding and clapping spanks to keep your lover wondering what's next. 


You can never have too many paddles, so lay out however many you and your partner need to make you happy. After all, this kinky love spell thrives on happiness. If this isn’t your first rodeo, might I suggest a flogger too? Your partner(s) will be grateful for the new sensation. 


How to use it: 

Skin on skin is the most sensual way to warm up your lover before striking with a paddle. Give them light spanks on the thickest parts of their buttocks and work your way up to harder strikes. Surprise them with kisses, caresses, licks, and whatever else you please as you bring more blood to the surface of their skin with your strikes.


When you're ready, graduate to a paddle of your choice. Circle the paddle lightly on their backside before striking the parts of their body that have the most meat - namely, the buttocks and the backs of their thighs. Don't forget to communicate with them as you strike so you can adjust the power of your hits to their liking. Kiss the marks left on their skin in gratitude and reverence of your lover.


Metal Claw

Metal Claw BDSM Claw

Why you’ll love it: 

If your lover(s) love to feel the drag of your fingernails on their skin, up your game with this wicked BDSM claw. These metal claws are sure to give your lover's skin goosebumps - the way their body naturally responds to touch will tell you everything you need to know. These metal claws are worn on your finger, making them easy to use.


How to use it: 

This toy is perfect for naughty sensation play. Run it lightly up and down your lover’s body, or press the claw gently into their sensitive skin to really make them squirm in their restraints. Use care - claws are sharp! Pay close attention to how your lover's body responds to the touch of the claw and find their most sensitive spots to play with. I've noticed that the back, ribcage, upper thigh, and the soft curves of the pelvis are particularly sensitive to any form of touch.


If you are planning on using metal claws during play, as your Kink-Faerie, I must strongly encourage you to keep a first aid kit nearby. 


Ostrich Feather Tickler

Feather Tickler

Why you’ll love it: 

When unexpected, a featherlight touch can truly light up your lover’s senses. Sensation play is a sensual and kinky way to keep your partner's body sensitive to touch and yearning for more. Keep your beloved wondering what will happen next with the lightest touch of a feather. Watch with delight as shivers run down their body. 


How to use it:

If tonight's play involves bondage and restraints, keep your lover restrained and blindfolded as you explore what makes them squirm. Experiment with what parts of the feathers drive your lover mad with sensual lust. Start with a specific part of their body and follow with sweeping their whole body. Experiment with strokes of different patterns and directions. Their body will soon be extremely sensitive to touch - a gateway for more play. Nothing makes me feel more lustful than when my lover's body is vulnerable for my guided touch. 


Kinky Collar and Leash Set

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Why you’ll love it:

A good tether will keep your beloved close at hand and under your spell. Reinforce a dominant and submissive dynamic tonight with a collar around their neck and strong chain leash, reminding each partner who belongs to who. 


How to use it:

Close the collar around their neck, and use the lead to guide them around – in tandem with a blindfold, they will be reliant and subservient to you. Use commands like "sit," "kneel," and others to keep their attention solely on you. If you have a play collar and leash set - play collars are typically made of leather and leashes are sturdy - pull the leash firmly to guide your lover where you want them (in between your legs, to change positions, and so much more). Be careful not to pull too hard on collars around the neck. 


Temperature Play Candles

Temperature Play Candles

Why you’ll love it:

Kiss your lover before spilling wax across their skin. Worship your lover. Kneel before them as you surprise them with hot wax. Temperature play will pique their senses, and their body will be acutely aware of every drop spilt. In a night full of sensation play, the sensation of hot wax just might be your lover's favorite. 


How to use it: 

For easy, painless cleanup, massage oil or lotion into your partner's skin. This will help the wax glide off the skin when needed. Light the candle in worship of your lover. Be sure not to burn these candles for too long! The longer the wax burns, the hotter it will be to the touch.

Be sure to drip or pour your candle wax at least two feet above their skin initially. The more the distance between the candle and your partner when you pour, the cooler the wax will be when it hits their skin. Communicate clearly with your partner as you pour and adjust the height of your pour accordingly. For heightened temperature play, alternate with droplets from a melted ice cube for the ultimate temperature play experience.


Step 6) Our favorite part: play time

All of that loving energy you’ve cultivated today will help you dial up the charm – you’ll need that to get your lover to kneel before you. Once they’re on their knees looking adoringly up at you, blindfold them, then buckle the collar and lead around their neck. This not only physically binds them to you, but solidifies the bond that you share. Use the leash to guide your beloved to the bed, where you can whisper sweet nothings to them as you slowly and sensually buckle them into the under bed restraint system. Take time to caress their skin, first with the tickler, then with a paddle. Alternating implements will excite and surprise them, charging the room with lust. 


I’m not one to tell you how to make love, but it is good practice to worship and admire the curves of your lover’s body as you declare with the utmost certainty,


“You are mine.”


Step 7) Spend time treating each other to aftercare

I cannot stress enough the importance of aftercare. Aftercare helps your body and mind float down like a feather from the high of engaging in sexual activity. While engaging in sexual play, your body releases "happy" hormones, such as dopamine, oxytocin, and endorphins, bringing you to a euphoric state.


It is not uncommon for someone to experience a "crash" after play due to the sudden hormonal drop. This crash can include melancholy and depressive feelings. Aftercare can help each partner descend slowly from the euphoric state to a grounded one without experiencing the crash. 


I simply won't end a play session without aftercare! Aftercare is an expression of care and tenderness to each partner. Cool down with each other after a passionate, high-energy session of activity. 

Here are a few ways I personally practice aftercare: 


  1.  Cuddling - one of my favorite ways to perform aftercare. Feel your heartbeats slow together and relax your bodies in a warm embrace. 
  2.  Discussion - I encourage discussing play before, during, and after! Check in with each other, see how it was for each person, if there is anything that should be done differently next time (if there is a next time), etc. 
  3.  Drink water, eat snacks - don't forget to nourish your body!
  4.  Clean yourselves - get a damp, warm towel and clean as needed. Even better, take a shower or a bath together



I do hope you enjoyed yourselves, and don't wait for Valentine's Day to roll around to spice up your play - live your best kinky life as often as you can. If you'd like to learn more ways to spice up your play, check out the educational classes available at!

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Love all of the sensation play ideas for valentines night. Definitely will be giving this a try!
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