Alpha paw paddle

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  • Even pups need to be disciplined sometimes, and what better way to provide it than with a good old fashioned spanking? The handle on this unique paddle is thick with smooth edges for guaranteed comfort and mirrors the bendy neck of the paddle. Attentive stitching surrounds the paddle and has thick padding stitched on one side shaped like a paw print. The tips of the paw are hard and unforgiving, but the rest of the padding is soft and squishy. The padded side makes a robust thuddy noise and can be used with a bit of force before experiencing discomfort. The other side, however, makes a slapping noise and can sting easily. With this combo, you can determine what sort of pain on the punishment scale is deserved. Perfect for pup training!

    Leather: Saddle
    Padding: Cow Soft leather
    Length: 18 inches / 47 cm


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